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How to learn to get to know your soul? You will discover a working method that will guide you to learn to detach yourself from the negative influence of emotional pain. This method will help you become aware of the negative forces that are preventing you from returning to full awareness of the divine heart and mind.

Awakening the consciousness of the soul has several advantages which have the merit of providing a fulfilling quality of life for the body and mind. This work tool was designed to support you in discovering your spiritual path.

Universal laws: Entering the dimension of the divine is a crucial step in raising one's state of consciousness. On Earth, we perceive the world with a view that is limited to appearances. We ignore the laws that govern the universe. Understanding the causes and effects of our life journey will be beneficial to no longer getting stuck in limiting thought patterns. Understanding the benefits of universal laws and putting them into practice in your daily life will allow you to transcend the limiting negative state of mind into a positive state of mind in infinite unconditional love in the long term.

The life we lead is a source of stress in our current society. The fear of tomorrow which is not certain, the suffering of the past which is not released. Living while being locked in a prison gilded by the negative mind is not conducive to living in inner serenity.
Positive thinking is a working method that provides tools for learning to develop a new inner perception through self-discovery. Learning to know how to free yourself from the negative mind will bring positive changes in the long term. You will explore your inner being to better tame your positive abilities in full consciousness.