Who am I

My life's journey

Hi, my name is Benoît.

I'm originally from the Paris region. Since childhood, I've been living my life's journey, with the different learnings life has brought me. For many years, I didn't really know why I was here. I had no idea of my personal importance as a living being. Life's ups and downs influenced my negative perception.

My vision of myself and the world seemed meaningless, as if life was meant to be lived in suffering. By dint of thinking that way, yes! What I was experiencing was right. Everything was happening exactly as I thought it would. Why live a life to suffer? I'd suffered this inner malaise for so long that it became a habit. One day, I became interested in spirituality.

I've been working on myself for 13 years now. Before that, I was anchored in the wrong spirituality. I knew the shadow. I went through this to learn about the negative influences of the emotional mind in negativity.

Thanks to these shadow apprenticeships, I understood how to use my spiritual abilities to counter the negative force. One day, I chose to return to the light. I understood one essential thing: we have the choice to become what we want. Before, I was unconscious and didn't know the basic rules of the universe.

That's how we all learn to live. We're unconscious, we don't know who we are. We don't know the true meaning of life. In such unconscious conditions, we become what we think we are.

This is part of learning in ignorance. I became what I believed about myself. By repeating these beliefs, what I believed about myself became my truth, in appearance. One day, I received a message from the universe.

This message was so strong in my heart...

A guide said to me: "You are love". I was shocked at the time. I felt so rejected by the light, as if I were an insignificant person, so impossible to live without suffering.

This message made me feel more important. What I realized was that I'd made a huge mistake about myself. I had been thinking with hate, but I learned to think with love, to become my light again, what I am in my soul.

Since that day, I've made a definitive and irrevocable decision. I've chosen my positive path in love to decondition myself from all those useless, limiting negative beliefs. It wasn't easy at the start of this new journey. I realized just how much we can hurt ourselves.

The negative force amplified by thoughts is formidable. The body and mind need time to assimilate new instructions in thoughts. Cultivating a positive and benevolent state of mind has been a truly instructive journey.

Every part of me that made me negative, I used as springboards for evolution. I said to myself, since I'm responsible for what I've become when I'm negative, I'll be responsible for what I'll become in my light. Today, I'm happy to be able to live in my inner love.

I've found the strength to make peace with myself. I've also made peace with the world. Duality is only a learning process. We can put an end to duality by learning to live in loving-kindness.

How I became a spiritual coach and trainer

I learned from my personal experiences. I learned about human problems through my own humanity. Since birth, I've always had abilities with magnetism.

In 2017, I set up my own business to become a professional magnetizer. I met a lot of people. It was an exciting profession, and the people I met were wonderful.

I felt touched that people had put so much trust in me. So much so, that parents came to see me for their babies who couldn't sleep through the night.

I trained in hypnosis and professional coaching. I thought that having more skills would help me enrich my knowledge of the human approach. But I realized that a certificate doesn't make you a good coach.

The knowledge I've acquired in my approach to wellness and spiritual guidance can't be learned on the professional benches.

I have the ability to transcribe the knowledge of my soul through my heart. I've realized that magnetism isn't my spiritual path, it's not my real profession. I've been working on my energies long enough to understand that we can only act on our own personal energies. That's why I decided to give up magnetism.

My skills as a spiritual coach enable me to guide a person to learn how to use their own spiritual resources to evolve on their own towards their greatest fulfillment in life.

My role is to accompany you towards the emotional liberation of your negative state of mind. This release will create a new perception more aligned with harmony and inner peace.

Becoming authentic, knowing how to express love, is the basis of happiness. My professional skills give me the ability to guide a person back to their natural way of being in their heart.

Rediscovering authenticity in the expression of love is personal, a foundation that brings all the virtues of life.

My other activities

I have several hobbies that enrich my happiness. I'm a songwriter, I compose meditative music and sometimes I compose songs that advocate love and peace.

I have a passion for writing, I'm a writer. Sharing my knowledge through writing has enabled me to learn on my own. Thanks to the memory of my heart.

I've also created a YouTube channel dedicated to spirituality. I share messages and introspective exercises for the benefit of all.

Thank you for your attention.

Peace and Love