Benoit Khoy magnetizer

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Benoit Khoy
Benoit Khoy

Hi, my name is Benoit.

 I started my career in the pharmaceutical world as a pharmacy technician. I have always been interested in health and well-being. 

In 2006, I discovered my magnetizer gifts through an experience with a friend. He had a very violent anxiety attack, I had the reflex to put my hand above his heart. I was pleasantly surprised and reassured to see him relieved. This is how I discovered my passion for the well being of others through magnetism. 

I obtained my Magnetist Practitioner Certificate at the Institute of Magnetism Training (I.F.M) at Argeliers. I studied magnetism alongside Pascal Quesne who was a real reference in this field. 

I became a magnetizer, brunoy essonne in 91, near to paris.

My role as a magnetizer is to accompany you in addition to traditional medicine. My accomplishment, help you heal, see you liberated and fulfilled. Your devoted magnetizer Benoit

what is a magnetizer? 

The magnetizer is not a doctor, it does not have the power to make diagnostics, nor to impose the stop of a medical treatment. He is bound to professional secrecy like all practitioners who respect each other. Magnetism is an alternative medicine complementary to traditional medicine. The magnetizer by its action, will promote a healing process three times faster than the normal.

Why consult a magnetizer? 

When you get sick, suffer from insomnia, or have disabling physical problems such as herniated discs, tendonitis, a sprain or a fracture, in addition to traditional medicine, go consult a magnetizer should be a reflex. 

We can help you heal three times faster, and in prevention, we can protect you from the disease. Our role is to help you find your faculty of self-healing, which is innate in all of us. We accompany you physically through the magnetic passes, and morally, it avoids isolation through your ordeal. You will very quickly feel the virtues of this practice that is magnetism. 

Sometimes several sessions will be necessary, depending on your receptivity, and your symptoms. 

When we consult a magnetizer, trust is a virtue.

Magnetism will be very useful in addition to traditional medicine if: 

You suffer from insomnia, you are stressed, you with anxiety attacks, you are depressed. You are on the verge of burnout, you do not trust yourself ... 

You have skin lesions like shingles, eczema, psoriasis, warts 

You have back pain, sciatica, lumbago, herniated disc,

 You have a sore neck: stiff neck, neck pain 

You suffer from osteoarthritis, fracture, sprain, tendinitis .