Healer magnetizer

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From France 

Hello, my name is Benoît.

I started my career in the pharmaceutical world as a pharmacy assistant. I have always been interested in health and well-being.

Like everyone else, I have a life path. By reflecting calmly, I understood from my experiences, that there is only love and benevolence for oneself, for the others which are important. That taking back the right to think of one's own good to be happy, to be a positive presence for others is a quality that should not be neglected. What helped me to make my decision to devote myself to magnetism and coaching is love and benevolence for my fellow man. Helping others to understand themselves in order to live their own happiness is part of my life mission.

I am also an author/composer/performer and writer.

Remote magnetizer

It is possible to do a magnetism session at a distance, by phone or video. When I am called by a person who lives hundreds of miles away and often abroad, this method is preferred. When you have your trusted magnetizer, the day he or she has to move, this method will allow you to always be taken care of by your favorite therapist.
I am specialized in cellular and emotional liberation. You feel disturbed during the day, without knowing why, you tend to doubt yourself, to think that you are not "capable of". Everything that can hinder your daily life is an unconscious attachment to your experience. This is not a fatality. There is always a way out. Sometimes we may need outside help. Turning to someone you can trust completely is a guarantee of your future happiness.

Coach in personnal and spiritual development

I am also a spiritual and personnal development coach. My role is to accompany to help you find a positive life, to have a serene, confident, benevolent state of mind. To allow you to find love for yourself in order to live in abundance, in inner peace.

Magnetizer and coach in the world

I am called to help different people around the world. That's what I like about my job, whether in magnetism or in coaching borders don't exist.

Take care of yourself. Love yourself as you are. In love you have everything to gain.