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Benoît Khoy coach in personal development

Discover a new method in personal development through the spiritual awakening of your consciousness

Hi, my name is Benoît. Let me introduce myself, I'm a coach in spiritual personal development. I'm engaged to be married and have two children. I live in Finistère in Brittany.

Before starting to practice this wonderful profession, when I was younger, I started with a career as a pharmacy preparer. Afterwards, I delivered love letters (bills and various mails) as a letter carrier at the post office for 13 years.

I am the founder of my business "Soul Awakening" which was established in 2017. At the beginning, I only practiced magnetism. Because, since I was a little boy, I always had this facility to relieve pain by the imposition of hands. There is nothing exceptional, everyone has this ability. You just have to learn to use it with the right energies. I worked in collaboration with a cancer center in the Côtes d'Armor to help relieve the side effects of chemotherapy.

I trained as a hypnosis practitioner, in neuro-linguistic programming, and then as a professional coach.  My best training has been the practice with my clients. In magnetism, I was not only content to relieve physical and emotional pain, I also had a role of coach, to bring elements so that the person can continue to work on himself so that the effects are durable. 

The coaching training was vast, I studied all forms of coaching, whether it was life coaching, executive coaching, team coaching. Although I am certified, if a person wants to become a coach, if they have personal qualities that allow them to have a good contact in human relations, if they get good results of inner transformation by working on themselves, if they have a real field of expertise, a certification is not necessary. This remains my personal opinion. 

I have decided to stop my activity as a magnetizer because I feel that it is not enough to be able to help my clients properly. I believe that each person can discover his or her own tools to learn to relieve pain through the practice of conscious self-healing, to free themselves from certain habits that are no longer appropriate. This observation has made me realize that working in personal development is much more fulfilling, because the person I guide to open up to himself will be able to create his ideal, without depending on anyone. 

I am also a composer, performer and writer. With my fiancée, we write motivational songs, about the virtues of love. I compose meditative music, we produce guided meditations. We have created a youtube channel where you can find guided meditations, songs, spiritual exercises.

My mission as a personal development coach

My mission is that each person who calls upon my services must receive a quality accompaniment, correctly adapted to his/her personality. That the work that is done together allows the person to regain his or her inner power, so that he or she is no longer subject to the bad unconscious programming that is the result of a negative past. To have a new state of mind by being totally aware of one's individual importance, free of negative emotional attachments. Having more inner power in your positive resources allows you to live in harmony with the outside world.

My method in personal development is to guide you to create your own way of working

I have an ethical principle that everyone is authentic. In personal development, in spirituality, there is not only one way to approach the work on oneself. I have created my own method which is the fruit of a long work of research on myself, also thanks to my profession, during my consultations. My working method is based on listening to one's body, one's energies, one's inner feelings of life. This allows one to be fully aware of oneself, to be able to do an introspection while being an observer, without personal judgment. The tools used are visualization, meditation, the power of words, targeted questions to bring up unconscious information. When working alone, writing is an enriching tool, it is a very good therapy to express everything you have experienced, what you feel, your intentions for a better future. The writings remain. What is necessary with my method is to learn to anchor yourself correctly with the energy of the earth and the abundant energy of love in the universe. Through this practice you become the channel of your soul, you are able to feel your inner truth, to open yourself to your hidden qualities. Being in your inner love energy is important to allow you to evolve in a positive way. This will promote your moral well-being and preserve your emotional integrity.

A personal development coaching towards an inner transformation in autonomy

My coaching is personalized, because it is important to know how to adapt to the authenticity of each person. The deep goal of my method is that each person understands his own method, his own way of functioning. Because that is the richness of authenticity. To accompany towards the hidden resources, to evolve by being conscious of one's soul, to be aligned with one's heart qualities, to be able to give a positive meaning to one's life, to know one's life mission.

The advantages of personal development

If you have low self-esteem, you lack self-confidence, you have limiting beliefs about your abilities, you think you are locked in repetitive patterns. For example, you often attract the same profiles of people, you are often in a negative situation that repeats itself. You would like to start your own business, but you are afraid of not succeeding. There are as many limits as the mind is capable of creating.

By working on your personal development and discovering your own spirituality, you will be more aware of what you can accomplish. For you will transform your inner perceptions to be able to change your life with the outside world. When your vibrations are aligned with your inner love, when you are in gratitude, it is from that moment on that you will be able to really achieve all your goals. You can improve your personal life, your family life, your professional life.

Life is made of challenges

Life's challenges are sometimes perceived as punishments, or personal inabilities to act. And yet, when you really care about something, you want to achieve a project, if your will is unwavering, if you are determined, then why wouldn't you succeed? Yes, challenges allow you to understand your limits, to face your fears in order to surpass yourself, to evolve towards the best of yourself.

Are you ready to take up your challenges to achieve your greatest victories?

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