The pacifist revolutionnaries of the soul

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The pacifist revolutionaries of the soul

Blog articles dedicated to personal and spiritual development. 


Welcome to the blog of the pacifist revolutionaries of the soul. 

This page is intended to deliver messages in love and kindness. Our current world is in constant duality, in order to preserve ourselves, we have the opportunity to keep ourselves in a balanced state of mind. To find balance means to heal our past wounds, to live in the present moment, without having negative emotional attachments. It is about our freedom to live our happiness, to give ourselves the privilege of being detached from all dualities, whether they are within us or outside. Finding peace, being in agreement with ourselves, no longer doubting our greatest inner beauty will allow us to live as we really are, without masks or beliefs. To simply assume our deepest convictions. 

An article will be published every Monday. Each week, a topic to develop our loving-kindness will be put online. This page is for anyone who wants to get out of their limitations, to find their true nature, purified of the ego programmed in a negative way. To come back to one's soul, or to one's inner being of light, requires an understanding of oneself, of one's path, of one's learnings. Here, only love, benevolence, mutual aid in the acceptance of each one, without judgments will be the only rules to respect. 

Answering the call of love means answering the call of our soul. We are not what we may believe through our physical appearance. We are much more than an appearance, we are rich in love in our hearts. Only the awakening of our consciousness will give us access to this infinite resource that we all carry within us. 

 If you need my services as a remote magnetizer, if you are looking to free yourself to find your soul, or if you need my services as a coach in spiritual personal development, do not hesitate to contact me by email or by phone.

You are all welcome. I wish you happiness. Take care of yourself. Peace and Love. 


Some beliefs try to make us think that we are inevitably going to a single destiny. This is true when we remain focused on this belief. Indeed, when we think we are going to live our lives, we are in the future.

In today's society, we learn to focus on appearance, instead of on what we really feel. It is difficult to think that we can feel energies through an appearance. We indirectly learn that the physical is more important, we do not pay attention to the energy we emit through our thoughts, to our positive vitality. We don't necessarily see...