Books in spiritual personal development


Books in spiritual personal development

The books presented here are intended for personal and spiritual development. In a state of mind of love and benevolence, throughout your reading, you will make a beautiful journey to the heart of yourself. Meditation techniques to train yourself to listen to your body and thoughts are explained. These are interactive methods that will support you in living your spirituality fully in full consciousness. Through an approach of yourself through reflection you will help to understand your experience, the unconscious mechanisms that can block you currently. Depending on what you are looking for, each book will always have an answer adapted to you.

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Life is an unconscious gift that we all share together. Finding the path to our own happiness, through our respective journeys, should be the priority in this world that is currently lived in duality. This duality is a learning experience, a richness that gives us the opportunity to get to know ourselves better. It is this knowledge of ourselves that is necessary for us to better choose our path. To have a good relationship with oneself is the gift of a rich life in fulfillment, in inner peace, in wisdom.
This book is a method written with the aim of making us reflect on the way we perceive ourselves, what we think of ourselves. Through meditation exercises, listening to your body and your thoughts, you will understand the messages that your body and your mind are constantly communicating to you. 

You can use this book as a tool to accompany you in your search for self-healing. Perhaps you have had sad experiences, perhaps you are plagued by doubts that prevent you from moving forward. Living positively is the best decision you can make for your own good. By training ourselves to use our tools, i.e. our inner potential, to work on ourselves gently, with patience and perseverance, the results can only be positive. Have a pencil and an eraser ready. This is an interactive book in the form of a question and answer format. A space is dedicated to write down your answers.

The Power of Creative Thinking is a book that allows you to open yourself to abundance in all its forms, without being held back by your past, your mind, your fears. This book contains tips and exercises so that you can practice developing the right mindset to live abundantly. Whatever your current situation or your past, this book will help you achieve your life goals, your dreams. As you introspect through this book, grab an eraser and a pencil and write down your own answers. A method in personal and spiritual development elaborated by Karine Hermen and Benoît Khoy: develop your mind in all simplicity. This method trains you to tap into your own resources to accomplish your goals and improve your life. This book will ensure a positive inner transformation over time.