Magnetizer healer remote care

          Magnetizer healer         remote care

Before making an appointment, I thank you for consulting the general conditions of sale. (article 10)

Remote magnetizer for babies, kids and adults.

Classical magnetism treatment 

You have consulted a doctor and you are looking for a complementary treatment. We can work on different physical and emotional pathologies. This treatment is a complement to traditional medicine. In no case it can replace it. 

You suffer from shingles, eczema, psoriasis, you have joint pain etc.. We can work on different pains.
If you are looking for a magnetizer for your baby, I can help you to find a good and restful sleep.
After making your appointment, please leave a message to specify the problem we will work on.
The session lasts about 1 hour and the price is 60 dollars.

Cellular liberation care 

 Cellular liberation consists of purifying the cells of the physical body by working on the subtle bodies, in order to regain well-being in the body, and then to decrystallize the energies blocked in the emotional memories that are responsible for unconscious blockages. This treatment allows the integration of the soul (or the divine self) in the seat of the unconscious. Provided that you maintain a positive state of mind following the treatment. It is recommended to do some coaching sessions in personal and spiritual development in order to be accompanied in good moral conditions with a trusted coach.

This cellular liberation treatment is an aid to letting go of past attachments. By releasing the negative chains of the past, the first treatment will consist in reinforcing the positive emotions, this reinforcement is necessary in order to improve the positive inner perception. Indeed, what we experience in our thoughts reinforces or affects our state of mind. The goal is not to suppress negative emotions, but to establish a balance between negative and positive emotions. The second treatment consists of a cellular cleansing of the body. This cleansing will allow you to feel light, in a good physical vitality. The third treatment will be done on the unconscious level. Disconnecting the unconscious from negative programming. The fourth treatment will be a work intended to reactivate the memories of the soul, to find your natural positive force. This treatment will help you to feel your inner love again, the benevolence, promote wisdom in your state of mind. The fifth and last treatment will be to harmonize your energies in love, to help you harmonize the mind and the heart. To make sure that the mind draws on the resources of love of the heart.   

In order for this treatment to be beneficial and effective, I will send you a small exercise booklet to maintain a positive state of mind. This cellular liberation treatment is only an aid to detach yourself from what can hinder you or keep you in a negative state of mind. The continuation of this treatment will be your personal work on yourself, you are the only one to decide your own happiness, live it without conditions. If you feel that you need to be accompanied after the treatment, you have the possibility of offering you some coaching sessions in personal and spiritual development with me. 

This cellular liberation treatment takes place over five days, at a distance. You can make your appointments (five one-hour appointments) on the clirdv application, or contact me directly by phone. I leave you a small excerpt from the booklet that I will send you by mail after this treatment. 

The price is 85 dollars per session.