spiritual personal development coach

Spiritual Personal Development Coach

Coach in spiritual personal development:

Having a good relationship with yourself

Life is made of experiences, of learning, each one has its own path. During this journey of life, the memory is loaded with positive and negative memories. The unconscious will tend to repeat internally through the memory what can strengthen us, or destabilize us. Having a good relationship with oneself consists in restoring emotional balance. This balance depends on the healing of the various wounds that life may have generated during certain negative experiences. Healing, in order to move forward, is a necessity. What will help to find a good relationship with oneself is to bring to consciousness certain memories that are unconsciously hidden. Bringing to light what we don't remember will be a big step to be able to move forward, and little by little, develop a new and more positive way of thinking about ourselves. 

Orienting our thoughts on our deepest qualities, in order to regain self-confidence, will allow us to correct what is not in agreement with ourselves. 

Knowing how to question oneself without judging oneself is an essential quality to allow oneself to move forward, to reach one's goals, to live by one's convictions and not by one's beliefs. 

 Why give me the privilege of being your spiritual development coach?

I also learned from my experiences, I had goals to reach, weaknesses to understand in order to better free myself from my past and create my life as I wish to live it. In the spiritual life, the diploma, the theoretical knowledge is not a proof of competence. What makes a spiritual coach competent is that he has a great understanding of life, because he lives and applies his own teachings.

I am not only a counselor, but by working together, I will help you to understand what is blocking you in life, how to accept yourself totally in order to love yourself better. Learning to feel, listen and master your energies, which will lead to a profound transformation in your way of thinking.  The ultimate goal in working together is to help you heal your wounds so that you no longer live them unconsciously, but rather live and create what you sincerely desire in your heart in all tranquility. 

If you seek my services, I know that your success is already assured. This means that you have been guided to find me. There is no chance, life always does things right. This work that we will do together will have a positive and lasting impact on your life. Whether it is for you personally, in your family life and professionally. 

My spiritual coaching services  

Who are my services for? 

My services are for anyone who wants to become a full-time life coach, personal and spiritual development coach. 

If you have a personal project, I can help you prepare to take the next step in your personal and professional life. I explain the basis of our work together below. 

For full-time life coaches or personal and spiritual development coaches who need to complete their knowledge, who are stagnating in their personal evolution. Yes, even the best need help sometimes. 

Why am I legitimate to offer my services

 I will answer you honestly: 

I know very well who I am. I am the guide of guides. To reach my elevation, I went through different experiences, even in the greatest darkness. I had to learn alone to understand myself to better awaken. Alone physically, the only presence that helped me, sincerely, was the universe. Their love and their advice encouraged me to restore my light, the love that I am today. My knowledge, they are specific to myself because I have access to the memory of my soul. It is these particularities that I can teach you because it is my role on earth. To make you discover your soul, your light, to accept and assume yourself by living in your true inner love. 

Limiting beliefs

What limits us makes us dependent. The life course may have misled the ego. Some experiences may have created beliefs about oneself that are not realities. For example, feeling undesirable, not feeling important, only experiencing difficult situations, never being fulfilled, etc. 

It is by becoming aware of what can limit you, of the situations that can test you at times, that you will be able to overcome your limits and move towards your greatest potential, that of living your ideal without any beliefs, of living your truth, your true beauty of heart.

What will this method do for you?

-regain your self-confidence

-Detach yourself from the past to live in the present moment

-know how to listen to yourself

-live your life according to your convictions

-find balance and inner peace

-find your self-esteem, your benevolence towards yourself

-no longer be subjected to duality, whether it is internal or external

Your investment in yourself at my side is a three-month commitment.

Personal development coaching, two appointments per month, i.e. a 2-hour consultation every two weeks for three months. You will receive a download link following your payment of your personal work pack containing the booklet on love, living it, expanding it, and meditations.

Spiritual Personal Development Coach - 2 hour appointment

 We will focus on various topics based on your personal research to help you reach your goals. You are free to make an appointment without any commitment on the duration. You can come to me whenever you feel the need. If something blocks you internally and you don't find a solution, we will find all the necessary means to allow you to move forward. When you contact me for an appointment, we will set up a totally personalized evolution plan. 

Price: 160 dollars.

The sessions are to be paid in advance. Thank you for your understanding.

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