Les révolutionnaires pacifistes de l'âme

Choice determines destiny


Is our destiny already set?

Some beliefs try to make us think that we are inevitably going to a single destiny. This is true when we remain focused on this belief. Indeed, when we think we are going to live our lives, we are in the future.

Are we destined to suffer life? 

It is simply a matter of perspective. In reality, we all have the opportunity to choose our destiny. Depending on the choices we make, our actions, our life path will take a certain direction with consequences, what we call the law of return. The return will be positive, just, if we choose to go in the direction of our most beautiful destiny. The return will be negative, just, if we choose to remain anchored in the negative belief of who we are, in the negative belief that we perceive of life.

What is a belief? 

A belief is an idealized or limiting image of a subject or a person leading to a way of thinking that is based on our perception alone. This belief becomes effectively real from the moment we experience it in our inner sensations. This is something we learn unconsciously in everyday life. Depending on our experiences, our background, we have all developed our own vision of life, whether it is erroneous or not. Know that everything has happened as planned. It is not possible to go back in time, so if we manage to detach ourselves from all our worries of the past, it will allow us to access the present moment in full consciousness. The painful experiences have been lived, they have been real. Our unconscious mind remains stuck in this reality of the past that holds us back and limits us here and now. It is these beliefs that we need to understand about ourselves, to understand what we have learned from our experiences in order not to reproduce them, to be more aware in order to better move forward.

Close the door of our limits

 Getting out of the game of life is a necessity. Is the present life totally a reality? Is what seems impossible really so? Life is not a game. Life, the life of all of us is precious, it must be preserved in our best condition of being and thinking. Yes, it is up to us, yes we have the power to decide our lives, it is up to us to take the first step, and move forward without looking back. In your introspection, contemplate yourself as you are now, without judging yourself, without thinking badly of yourself. Simply contemplate yourself to understand yourself, contemplate your way of thinking, contemplate your behavior, feel your emotions, your feelings, in your current inner perception as it is expressed. If you are in agreement with yourself, if you feel in balance between your inner life and your daily life, you are in your right state of mind. If you feel resistance between your state of mind and your daily life, you have blockages to explore, to bring to consciousness. Awareness is the beginning of liberation. Rest assured, everyone is concerned. When the information is expressed, let it be expressed without trying to fight it, without trying to harden yourself. Simply welcome them with all your love.

Choose the limits, or choose the infinite

It is obvious that we tend to choose limits. Why go for the simple, when we can live the complicated. This paradox is due to the lack of information in our earthly culture. We experience life in a limited way, in order to better find ourselves. We all have infinite potential, we are all creators of our lives. Think about this information, how does it resonate with you? Do you feel in agreement or not? What attracts you or repels you in thinking that you are a being of unlimited potential? That you are capable of creating the life you sincerely desire? The goal here is to help you see life from a different perspective than our common perception in the third dimension. Knowing how to listen to yourself is a virtue.

Being victorious in the infinite

When our state of mind is unlimited, anchored in our true inner love, our victory is already assured. Nothing can stand in the way of the gentle, sensitive, yet strong force that is love. How much do you love yourself? What could help you, ask yourself, do I have good reasons not to love myself? Listen, feel what comes to you. If you have things you don't like about yourself, first accept the way you are. The more you accept what you don't like, the more you will be able to sublimate it, and thus, little by little, become your greatest inner beauty. Always aim for the victory of your true beauty. You will then live your infinite potential, without limit. Living in total harmony with yourself is the key to your victory.

Accepting duality

Why duality?

This question is interesting in the sense that we are currently living in an environment of duality. We live with external duality, but also with internal duality. One way to stop feeling external duality is to make peace with yourself. Being at peace will always serve us well. Wherever we are at peace, that is the best place. Cultivating this inner peace, even in the face of adversity, is a constant exercise but beneficial in the long run. What does peace inspire in you? Does it seem possible, just for yourself? I sincerely wish you to find your inner peace, to live it.

To conclude, living in the present moment with inner peace is a gift that we are all capable of offering ourselves. No one is more than another, no one is less than another. Beyond this dualistic belief, we are all one unlimited being, born of love. Love is our most precious force to preserve in order to live better through duality. Let us find peace together. Take good care of yourself.

Peace and Love

Benoit 🙏♥️🙏