Les révolutionnaires pacifistes de l'âme

How to get out of duality


The third dimensional matrix is a duality

Duality is a learning process during which we learn to integrate ourselves into the earthly world. It is during this learning process that we develop beliefs about life, about our way of being, of thinking. An illusion is gradually established, this represents the veil of illusion. Without this veil in our perception, it would be impossible for us to learn the functioning of our humanity. To embody what we are in depth in our light, is only possible from the moment we become aware that we are a soul, a spirit of light in its physical body. This primodality of forgetting oneself is part of the learning process. Learning to forget oneself in order to better find oneself. When we enter the physical matrix of the third dimension, we take life in our respective families. We choose a name, a surname, our parents, our brothers and sisters. Who we are now is a deliberate choice. We forget where we come from to integrate our earthly place.


Putting an end to the learning of the soul in duality
Is our journey difficult to understand? It depends on what we are willing to integrate into our learning, what we have understood from the lessons of the past. When we choose to return to our deepest truth, to our most beautiful way of being, many memories will resurface to allow us to assimilate our lessons. In this moment, we learn to explore our shadow side, to assume it, so that we can love it. At this moment, the healing process begins in our energies. This leads to uncomfortable sensations, feelings of being uncomfortable. When we live these moments, it is necessary not to try to fight, to try to harden ourselves. It teaches us to accept what we feel, to welcome what is happening in us for as long as it takes to allow us to move forward. When we work on ourselves, feelings of discomfort are signs of inner change. When the healing process is complete, we discover our true inner energies. New ways of thinking, of feeling alive surface, in a much more positive state of mind than before. Putting an end to duality, starts by stopping our own duality towards ourselves, by healing our wounds. After this healing, there is only the present moment left. To live the waking dream by being totally creator of our life. Do you think it is possible to be the creator of your life? What does this thought inspire in you? 

You are free to live according to your deepest convictions, to live your ideal. Always think that you have your unconditional freedom which will give you the strength to live your best life. 

Leave a positive imprint in your life

Living in your inner beauty will mark your passage on earth. When we leave, all that will remain are the memories we shared with others. These memories are indelible imprints. The best footprint we can leave to others, for our happiness, is the borrowing of wonderful memories of love, of joy. Each day is an opportunity to leave our most beautiful positive imprint. Let's live each day with love. Life is love. 

No one can say what happiness is, each of us lives his own happiness. The only common happiness that we can all share together is the loving kindness that binds us. In conclusion, to put an end to duality in our lives is to find our pure and unconditional love for ourselves. In this love, we will know how to love others, without fearing and suffering duality. 

I wish you a beautiful week of love. 

Peace and Love 

Benoit 🙏❤️🙏