Les révolutionnaires pacifistes de l'âme

How to hear the messages of the universe


The universe sends us messages

At every moment of our life, we are guided, consciously or not, by the spirit of universal love in which we all live. This spirit of universal love is the unity that we left for a time to take life here on earth, the time of our incarnation. We came to earth with a common goal, to learn self-love, love of others. We also each have a personal goal, in our respective life paths. Each one of us is given this unconditional help to live our best life possible. To be able to hear clearly the messages that are intended for us is a necessity to allow us to orient ourselves correctly in our most beautiful destiny. Living in full consciousness is part of the learning process that we must assimilate in order to become creators of our respective lives. No one is left in the lurch. Only our inner perception can give us this feeling of isolation.

Return to your true self

Who are we really? Have you ever asked yourself this question: Who am I?It is interesting to ask ourselves this question when we want to understand our life, our path, when we want to understand what our happiness could be, to discover how we really are, without having beliefs about ourselves, beliefs that impose limits on us in life. Simply being as we are in our deep knowledge of ourselves. It is very easy to create a personal identity based on experience, with our own desires, our own aspirations in life, to think that we know ourselves completely, but does this self-knowledge totally reflect our inner truth? There is a simple way to know if we know ourselves sincerely. If we live in inner peace, even in adversity, if we are in agreement with ourselves, these are signs of a deep knowledge of ourselves, in the acceptance of ourselves, and of the external world as it is.  How to reach this self-knowledgeThere is a universal law that gives this opportunity to rediscover our true way of being, it is the law of return. This law is often equated with Karma, punishment, or other aberrations that could strike the ego, in truth, it is not. This simple law only acts in the right direction of balance. All intentions and actions will result in a just return. This law is interesting to exploit when our intention is to find ourselves in our wholeness, freed from earthly conditioning, that is to say, to be our true beauty as an earthling, to be our most beautiful humanity in our beauty of light. 
You can experience this intension on your side, to rediscover your splendor of heart, by concentrating on the chest, think strongly of universal love, imagine that roots go down through the soles of the feet deep into the earth, and branches of light from the top of the head go up far into the stars. Speak your intention sincerely and aloud to rediscover yourself in your light, in your true love. Bring up the roots, and bring in the branches, let yourself go, listen to your body, feel your energies expressing themselves. Then, when you have finished, write down your experience. Everything you felt, saw and heard. This exercise is interesting to increase the conscious perception through listening to the body and sensations. Sometimes the universe sends messages in this way. By making us feel feelings, emotions, and for those who hear by telepathy, they sometimes transmit messages by thought. Listening to oneself, feeling oneself, learning to trust oneself, these are the keys to self-knowledge. 

Establish visual contact with the universe

What does the night, the stars, inspire in you? When night falls, we can see the infinite expanse of planets and stars that surround the earth. This beauty can make us travel through various thoughts. Perhaps you have already wondered if we are alone in the universe, if there are other life forms elsewhere? You will have more than one opportunity to experience eye contact through the stars. This will happen at night, with a clear sky, a cloudless night would be ideal. If you are in a place where there is little light in the countryside it is very good, if you are in the city, the ideal would be to find an isolated place in nature. If this is not possible for you, you can always try the experience from your window or balcony. Take this moment with the stars as a moment of meditation. A moment that makes you feel good, let yourself go, make the emptiness while looking at the stars. When you feel ready, think very hard to the source of love with your heart. Connect to love. While looking at the stars ask: "If you are here, can you please show yourself? Thank you."

If you are willing to see, and your heart is sincere, you will have beautiful manifestations. It may be like a moving star, it will appear in your field of vision, or you may see flashes. Moving stars are often thought of as satellites, but if it appears in your field of vision when you look up to the sky, it is unlikely. Feel free to experiment on your own, to become familiar with your own contact with the sky. There is no generalization about the contact with the universe, only your feelings. When you feel lost, when you have questions about yourself, in your life, do not hesitate to ask your questions out loud. You will certainly get an answer. Sometimes it may take a while to reach you, but you will certainly get an answer. If you do not see any manifestation, do not be discouraged. You must know that the universe will always follow our state of evolution. We will only see and hear what we are ready to see and hear. The more we go into our inner love, the more our consciousness opens and grows. Keep faith and trust in yourself, in your great beauty of heart, in your most beautiful abilities.

To know yourself, to accept yourself, to love yourself, to love is the way to become your own guide. To be guided in our most beautiful inner realization is a gift of every moment. Listen only to the advice that guides you in your love, in the love and peace of the world. All that is advice in duality is a lie. For now, our earth is in duality, it is wise to beware of the shadows that tempt with their destructive influences. They disappear when our conscious light is in balance in our emotions. To go into one's inner love requires endurance, in the face of our blockages, in the face of our pains of the past. Keep in mind that love is the key, the universal answer to all questions.

Do not hesitate to share your experiences in comments. It will be a pleasure to read you.

I wish you a beautiful week of love, enjoy the present moment, the best of moments.

Peace and Love

Benoit 🙏❤️🙏