Les révolutionnaires pacifistes de l'âme

I am sovereign of my life


The law of the inner sovereign

It is time to restore that inner greatness, to take back your power of decision and action in full consciousness. The universal laws are undeniable assets. They are the key principles that allow you to hold a guideline in your life. Knowing and applying them will only bring you more blessings. These laws are linked to the heart, the center of the soul, of the universal consciousness. In this article, I will remind you of this principle of sovereignty, your free will. As you regain your total free will, perhaps memories will come back to you, keys that you have within you that are dormant will surely reveal themselves. If you feel ready, then we will explore your conscious and unconscious limits. The goal here will be to find an unlimited state of mind. 

Take a pen and paper to record your experience. Being honest with yourself is a virtue. 


Make yourself comfortable. Take a deep breath and stare at a spot on the wall. Let yourself go into this deep relaxation. Your eyelids will begin to close on their own. The more you relax, the more they close. This is an auto-suggestion. When your eyes are totally closed, feel your body from head to toe. Let your energies express themselves, how they express themselves. If you feel blockages, an unpleasant feeling, accept it. Accept everything you can feel. In order to clean your energies, focus on your heart. Imagine your love flowing throughout you. Feel the sensations that your love energy gives you. By letting go of your inner love, your unconscious mind will unblock what may be limiting you now. When you feel totally relaxed, ask your unconscious to show you what is limiting you, what the origins are. Let the answers and sensations come out. Maybe you will feel, hear words, see images. Know that your response will be adapted to your way of understanding. When you have had the information, you will ask your unconscious mind to connect you to your soul, your consciousness of light. Let yourself go into this consciousness. Take the time to feel your being of light. Explore your abilities through your deep consciousness. When you decide to do so, say: "I become aware of my infinite abilities. I decide here and now to be sovereign of my life. I am free to think, to act. I thank myself for being unlimited, thank you for guiding me in my splendor. Let your words act in your energies. Then stop the exercise. 

When you pronounce your intentions, speak with your heart, with love, be convinced of your words. And above all, feel, live your words as truths.

This exercise combines a universal truth, that of your freedom to live according to your will, your convictions and the power of your word. The words spoken aloud are recorded as your decisions in the universe. 

Give yourself time to reach what you wish to achieve. Time will always be your best ally. 

Don't hesitate to share your experience in the comments.

I wish you a beautiful week of love. 

Peace and Love 🙏❤️🙏