Les révolutionnaires pacifistes de l'âme

Intuition: A sure thing



It is natural to live each day in discovery, to live each moment as it comes. Life would be very boring if we were able to foresee everything to the second, every event that might occur. Where would be the use of living in this way, except to live in the search of perpetual control, without allowing ourselves to discover the richness of learning through the multiple experiences of life. How many people offer themselves the services of clairvoyants in order to be able to control their life on so-called future events, only to remain dependent on this belief that one must undergo one's destiny and not have any satisfaction. Card readings are interesting when used for personal development, to understand situations that are blocked, what we need to improve within ourselves to access new opportunities for positive change. In no way is fortune telling an exact science, in no way is life predetermined. It is possible to see the outline of the future, but we can make new choices that will generate other events. In the end, what determines the future depends only on the choices we make as we move through our various experiences. Uncertainty in life is not a bad thing, on the contrary, life is a source of beautiful surprises. When we are sure to live in our sincere convictions, there is no doubt that life is our personal creation ground. To be the master of one's destiny is to be aware of one's way of thinking and acting while being aligned with one's convictions.

Intuition is a compass in life

Knowing how to listen to your intuition is a must if you want to live your biggest dreams. Intuition is a form of intelligence that always expresses itself when we need it. We often tend not to listen to it, out of doubt or fear, which often leads to surprise or regret. When we pay attention to this inner guide, when we know how to use it correctly, it will avoid many future inconveniences. No one lives without this intuitive part, everyone has intuition. The difference is between those who are aware of it and those who do not pay attention to it. Have you ever experienced intuition? In your past experiences, did you listen to your intuition? What were your results?

How to know when intuition is expressed

Generally speaking, intuition is expressed through physical sensations, emotions, flash images that appear on the mental screen. Depending on the events to come, when it can bring great unpleasantness, there will always be an alert. There have been times when I did not listen to my intuition. One evening, I was with a friend, and I had to leave to join another person. I told my friend that I was wondering if it would be wiser for me to stay. I had physical sensations that gave me chills, I felt on alert as if I was on guard. I went on the road anyway, and had an accident with my car that I had bought two months earlier. And my friend remarked to me, "the worst part is that you said so."

Intuition can also guide us to our biggest dreams. When we have plans in mind, true heart plans, it is our intuition that sets us on that path. When great ideas come to us, it is important to pay close attention to them. It may be the best projects in life that will bring you the greatest gifts. One more little anecdote:
Since the year 2011, I always had the feeling that I was in the wrong area. I was living in the Paris area, and I couldn't stand the atmosphere, the lack of nature. Although there are some nice places to walk, the region is not conducive to living a spiritual life properly. I always had in mind that my life would be in Brittany. I never let go of my plan to move to this region. Eight years later, in 2019, I obtained my transfer to Finistère with a promotion as a bonus.

In conclusion, whether it is for your projects or warning signals, trust yourself, always listen to your intuition. It will always be your best ally.

Take care of yourself.

Peace and Love

Benoit 🙏❤️🙏