Les révolutionnaires pacifistes de l'âme

Learning from the past to restore inner balance

For this week's article, I shared the image of Jesus carrying his cross. The cross represents the heavy burdens, which today can still have an influence in the choices of life, in the repetition of certain patterns. The sun shows the light on the horizon. The oréole of Jesus shows his uprightness in his wisdom in spite of the terrible suffering. I should point out that I am not religious. My spiritual world is based only on my knowledge and the application of it which allowed me to realize my dreams of life. 

Repentance is a universal law
In life, no one is perfect, no one lives without making mistakes in their choices and behavior. The beliefs that we can create are numerous. This is unavoidable because ignorance, self forgetfulness can lead us to follow a destiny that does not suit us. The error, in reality, is an experience that brings knowledge. From a mistake we can use it to bounce back and go towards a more beautiful destiny. 
To repent is to become aware that we may have made a mistake about ourselves, that we may have hurt people, that we may have hurt ourselves. This repentance is a beauty, a decision to return to an inner world filled with magic and benefits to live more serenely. 
The universal law of repentance says that every being has the right to repent from his self-forgetfulness, that he will be forgiven whatever his acts are. The only condition is the sincerity of the heart. All that is sincere, the universe acts in order to restore the balance for all. Only the awareness, the choices, the actions will bring about the change so desired, in a progressive way. 
What does it mean to you to spread out? Listen to your feelings, your emotions, what this triggers in you at the moment. Breathe deeply, relax your body, let the silence settle in you. Then focus on your heart. Ask your unconscious to make you feel what repentance really inspires in you. Let it guide you. Don't hesitate to write down your experience. Keeping a spiritual journal can be very helpful. Sometimes you will write things down, and over time you will ask yourself a question, and when you open your journal at random, you will see that you have written down your answer. 

Is it difficult to forgive?
Depending on how open your conscience is, it may be difficult or impossible to forgive. There is a difference between what is a small, forgivable act and a heinous act that deserves punishment. When you reach a state of mind of unconditional love for yourself, you begin to let go of the emotional attachments that previously locked you into your beliefs about life. On resentment that prevents you from moving forward. You know, we have all been known to project our pain onto other people without realizing it. We are always looking for that total perfection that does not exist. Looking for perfection is a form of mental control. When your mind is in harmony with your heart, you live in the present moment, you do not try to control anything, you are, you live in your simplicity. 
Forgiveness is a door of liberation of oneself and of others. When you reach this strength to forgive yourself and others, then you understand the extent of your freedom. Is this heavy cross of pain important? Does it bring strength? Is it a source of virtue? 
In my life, I have experienced many situations that did not make me want to forgive, it was too serious. One day, even in the absence of an apology from the perpetrators, I found the strength to forgive, but I did not grant my presence anymore. I said to myself, why should I continue to suffer endlessly, life is much better than these sufferings. 
Forgiving yourself is as important as forgiving others. The love of oneself, really loving oneself gives this facility to forgive oneself. The more we sincerely love ourselves, the more we will shed unnecessary burdens and gain positive creativity. 
How are you doing with forgiveness? Do you find it difficult to forgive, to forgive yourself? If it helps, look at the way you judge yourself, judge others, what you are trying to control in yourself, on others. When you understand these small details, you will find a key to free yourself. 

Self-love allows you to reach the ultimate balance. There is no other force that allows you to be in emotional balance. Whatever you do, do it with love. Look at everything you have accomplished so far, wasn't it the power of your love that led you to your beautiful successes? 

I wish you a beautiful week of love. 
See you next week. 
Peace and Love
Benoit 🙏♥️🙏