Les révolutionnaires pacifistes de l'âme

Life is a long and beautiful journey


Life is a journey that we live from the inside

Is living a pleasure or an obligation? Without question, the pleasure of living is natural. Who does not like to live ignores his reason for being. Our current society puts forward many reasons to be depressed, to suffer from loneliness, to burn out repeatedly in a too busy job. Stress has become an unconscious leitmotiv in a society formatted by profit, efficiency to the detriment of the human aspect, that of having a heart, a conscience, and physical limits. Everything pushes us to live in a mechanical way like machines. This obligation of daily life is part of the tasks imposed to allow us to live. Without work, without money we cannot live properly. Apart from this obligation, there is the pleasure of living, the one that gives us this beautiful reason to be, all these small pleasures that seem insignificant, and yet have all their importance. The simple fact of observing nature, of being amazed by the beautiful colors that the landscapes offer us, of listening to the birds singing... Everything that brings a bit of joy in life is important. Do you pay attention to the little things in your daily life that bring you beautiful thoughts, or amaze you with the simplicity of their beauty? If not, try to nourish yourself with these small pleasures, when you have the opportunity. Having a source of joy in our daily lives is important for our moral health.

Expand your inner perception 

In our inner journey, we experience life according to various situations that lead us to a path that we have chosen consciously or not. Choosing our path consciously is the trick to widening the scope of our consciousness. This path that we choose to carry out our existence according to our convictions, our fundamental principles of life. To see beyond the beliefs of the ego is a necessity when we wish to acquire a more open vision on the field of all possibilities, to have our consciousness more open towards the infinite, rather than remaining limited in a state of mind based on the lived, in our most limiting beliefs.

It is essential to understand what limits you, what makes you think that you are "not capable of", in order to give yourself the possibility to expand your inner perception. Where you have difficulties, these are the determining points that will allow you to evolve. Simply by becoming aware of your difficulties, you will have the answers to overcome them. Do not limit yourself to one solution, it is this way of seeing things that limits you. Always think that a result can be the result of several different solutions. What you perceive of life is a reflection of your own vision. What you think about life will be a reality, the outer life is only a reflection of your inner world. By living your inner positive potential, you will instantly feel that the outer world is positive. Your outlook will be directed to the good on all the world around you, including yourself. If you have a negative view of yourself, you will pay attention to the flaws of those around you, and the outside world will also reflect what you perceive. You can experiment on your own with how you see the world, focusing on the qualities of those around you. Do you feel a difference in your perception of the world? Focus on your qualities, on your values, this will strengthen your self-confidence. Having a broader perception of life increases the potential for action.
Do not hesitate to experiment new horizons in your journey which is your life. It is never too late to be happy, it is always time to find your own happiness. We only have one life, let's make it our best one.I wish you all a beautiful week of love.
Peace and Love