Les révolutionnaires pacifistes de l'âme

The care of the soul


Cellular Liberation

As earth beings, we embody our humanity in our physical bodies. We are a consciousness of light materialized here in our respective lives. Through our incarnation, we have developed several forms of energies consciously or unconsciously, which have a positive or negative impact on our inner perception. There are three energetic factors that we carry:

-Genetic factors

-Emotional factors
-The factors of consciousness
It is possible to work on these three factors by oneself, in a search for cellular liberation. This is what we call psychic self-healing. This self-healing is necessary to reach our highest field of consciousness, that is to say to incarnate our soul in full consciousness.

From unconsciousness to consciousness

Becoming conscious of our soul is the ultimate goal that we have come to experience in our beautiful world, the earth. No one can force us to go deep inside ourselves, to live this inner paradise. We all have the choice to find ourselves as we truly are, or to remain anchored in our paradoxical beliefs, what we believe to be, through our physical body. When we are unconscious, we are left to endure life in a cyclical way, we head towards situations of repetitive patterns, sometimes violent experiences for the body and the mind. These experiences are meant to bring our unconscious wounds to light in order to achieve awareness. The more we advance in the consciousness of who we really are, the more we take advantage in our lives. We become creators of our destiny, in our inner well-being. This is the key to your assured success, being aware of your being of light, having assimilated your learnings in your journey. This awareness will give you the strength to forgive those who have caused heavy wounds and also to forgive yourself.

To make a care of the heart at my sidesMy work, whether in energy or coaching, is to work towards love. What I master today, whether it is my faculties in magnetism to relieve physical and emotional pain, or cellular liberation, I have developed by myself through my experience, in practice. What I am able to bring you is beyond the scope of what you can imagine. Certainly, promising physical and emotional healing in the charter I am not authorized to promise. In cellular liberation, I can only assure you of your future liberation. This task is part of my skills as a healer and spiritual coach. It is simply my role. What you will gain is not just the release of a few negative attachments, but a lasting inner transformation with no time limit. My work is to free the unconscious from negative programming, and to reconnect it to your being of light. Let your unconscious be anchored in your soul. Thereafter, you will have a time of work on yourself to tame your new energies, to accept them then to assume them. To love yourself, and live your great inner love in all simplicity.

Coaching in personal and spiritual development with a cellular liberation treatment

There is a particularity when a person grants me the privilege to be his spiritual coach, my knowledge does not come from a theoretical learning of which I do not know the origin nor the veracity of these teachings. My knowledge comes from my soul. My work is to accompany you in acquiring new spiritual capacities to better know yourself, better accept yourself and make your life your own creation ground. My knowledge is a support to help you in your search for personal development, but I assure you that you will also have access to your own knowledge. Based on this principle, I can only be confident in revealing to you how I work. I am aware that if you consult me, it means that your motivation is formidable, and that you have been guided to me to help you achieve the decisive victory of your life. An accompaniment with a cellular liberation treatment is recommended, in order to give you the time to tame your new energies, which in truth are only the rediscovery of yourself.

I wish you all success in life, and happiness. Love yourself sincerely, you deserve it.

Peace and Love

Benoit 🙏❤️🙏