Les révolutionnaires pacifistes de l'âme

The traps of appearance


In today's society, we learn to focus on appearance, instead of on what we really feel. It is difficult to think that we can feel energies through an appearance. We indirectly learn that the physical is more important, we do not pay attention to the energy we emit through our thoughts, to our positive vitality. We don't necessarily see it, but we feel it inside us. When we are awake, or in the process of awakening, we begin to discern the truth in appearance. That is to say that we will feel the deep intention even if the appearance wants to show the contrary. It is essential to make the difference between what we want to believe, and what we sincerely perceive. Knowing how to listen to oneself, listening to the sensations in the body, are the infallible signs of our true perception.

Exercise to listen to your physical body:

Make yourself comfortable. Let your thoughts come and go by concentrating on your breathing. Let yourself go in this time of relaxation to relax, to do yourself good by making the inner calm. When you feel totally relaxed, focus on your navel. Feel your energies expressing themselves. Feel your energies in the belly, in your emotions. Then concentrate on the chest. Listen to your sensations, to your energies. When you have finished, open your eyes.

You can write down your feelings. By practicing regularly to feel your emotions, your deep feelings, you will become aware of your true perceptions. Sometimes we think and feel things that do not belong to us. Knowing how to discern what belongs to us or not allows us to live more serenely. Learning to listen to oneself, to feel oneself, is part of learning about oneself. Getting to know oneself.

I wish you a good week. See you next week.

See you!