Les révolutionnaires pacifistes de l'âme

Using your deepest resources in the present moment


The knowledge of the heart

Every being is a carrier of natural knowledge. This knowledge is a universal instruction, it is partly asleep, latent in our unconscious. When the consciousness awakens, it becomes very simple to find these parts of ourselves in our entirety, in our deepest convictions. The awakening of consciousness does not mean having reached its full realization, the awakening is the beginning of a long process of inner transformation. When we come back to our divine consciousness, or when we open ourselves spiritually, we will look for a multitude of information to develop ourselves further in our path. We can find a lot of books dealing with spirituality, many spiritual trainings are also proposed. It is always interesting to read here and there to acquire more knowledge. But, there is a nuance that makes the difference, the truth of some will not necessarily be the truth of others. To learn by heart without feeling and living its learning is not a right spiritual instruction. Spirituality is to be felt, lived fully. The basis of spiritual awakening is in the heart. 
Why the heart? 

The heart is the center of physical and psychic life. It represents the point of unconditional inner balance. When the heart radiates, our life takes on a pleasant meaning, we live our reason for being. To awaken our spiritual knowledge depends only on the opening of our consciousness in our heart. The heart center is the center of our deepest truth, the truth of our being of light. To fully awaken the heart center is a long and steady work. Before reaching this strength of conviction about ourselves, of knowing our life role, or life mission, there are inevitable steps. Tests of life that allow us to determine if our life choice is sincere. 

Time and discipline

Patience and perseverance are inevitable when we want to achieve our goals, whatever they may be. Having a disciplined mindset is a virtue. Staying anchored in our deepest convictions, applying as often as possible what we want to be, so that repetition becomes a lasting habit. On paper or in words, it is too easy to say. You may have noticed that, even when we know, it is not always easy to apply our spiritual knowledge in our daily life. This discipline is acquired over time. The more our consciousness awakens, the stronger our soul will becomes, we become little by little what we sincerely are. All our masks linked to our ego are erased, our sufferings are freed, purified. The goal is that our deep love be as pure as possible, in order to live in the adventures, with the least possible inconvenience. 

You can do this simple unconscious test. Take a sheet of paper and a pen. Draw a heart surrounded by a sun. Write the word love on top. Underneath, our the word disadvantages=none and the advantages=infinite. Next, draw a black cloud with lightning, note the word suffering above the cloud. Underneath, write down the word advantages=none and disadvantages=infinite. Take some time to relax. Release all tension in your body. Concentrate on the chest, imagine a pink color. Feel this color expressing itself, it is the expression of your own love. It is infinite. Then turn your attention to the diagram you have drawn. Listen to your feelings as you think about love and its benefits. Do the same with suffering. What are your feelings? What would be your choice between love and suffering? This is a good exercise that will help you listen to your body, your sensations, the expression of your energies. 

Do not hesitate to share your experiences in comments. 

The books I wrote and co-authored with my partner Karine Hermen are based on our natural knowledge. The exercises presented in our books, the information are keys to guide you in your introspection. No one can tell you who you are, how you are. Only you know. 
If you need spiritual coaching for a while, I can help you. The goal of my work is to help you to be autonomous, to enlighten you to reach your deepest love, to find your divine role, and thus, to live your most beautiful life. Because you too can guide those around you.

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