Les révolutionnaires pacifistes de l'âme

Victory is in our hands


The key to our success

What does success mean to you? What would be your personal victory?

Each of us has our own goals, our own ideals. There is the personal life, the intimacy, but also the collective life. First of all, it is good to reflect on our deepest goals, those that we want to achieve. The most important reflection concerns benevolence, if our goals are constructive, if once achieved they will be a source of wealth for ourselves, without causing negative impact on others. There is a universal law that establishes balance in the fair return of all things. When we act for our well-being without causing collateral damage, the fair return will be well-being. When we act without regard to the consequences, when our actions cause harm to ourselves, to others, the just return will be unwellness. Nothing is unjust, everything is fair, everything is balance.

We all carry a key that allows us to create at will what we wish to live sincerely. Activating this key is possible when we move away from perception in our beliefs to our divine truth. When we choose our light through matter, we become the creator of our destiny. Every victory that comes from the will of the heart is pure. Are you listening to your heart's will? Are you sincerely in tune with yourself?

Requests to the universe

We may find ourselves in difficulty in our daily lives, facing ourselves. We all have an external help in the universe. The source of unconditional love watches over us all the time. Unconditional love is linked to solidarity. When we are in need, it is possible to express our requests. Either out loud or in your mind. Each request is heard. The universe always gives its help without conditions. You can experience this instantaneous response from the universe. Close your eyes, focus on your inner love in your heart. Think intensely about the love in the universe. Ask for love to be sent to you. Let yourself feel the response to your request.

When we need tangible evidence, listening to your body is a good indicator.

Be guided to your victory

We are all responsible for our lives. No one can tell us what to do. We all have the tools within us to achieve what we want. Sometimes we may need to be guided to avoid getting lost, life circumstances may at times make us feel like we are falling. There will always be this benevolent presence that will make us understand that we are on the wrong path. We are guided without being obliged. We have our free will. This free will is our advantage, when we use it in full consciousness. What do you think about free will? Do you feel that you are totally free to make your own choices? Do you feel blocked in thinking that you are free of your life?

When you feel in need, take the time to ask the universe for guidance. In this way, you will always find your best path, the one that will fulfill your happiness.

Do not judge yourself if you have made mistakes. No one is infallible. Accept your journey, your learning, you have knowledge thanks to your experiences. Do not hesitate to use it as a lever to better evolve. Everything that brings you closer to self-love, in kindness, is an invaluable beauty. Be confident in your heart, it will be a source of happiness.

Do not hesitate to share your experiences and feelings with the universe in comments.

Looking forward to sharing and reading you.

Peace and Love

Benoit 🙏❤️🙏